Digital Marketing Services –



  • Reputation is Everything
    • 20Penny makes it easy to build and better communicate your good reputation to customers seeking your services.
  • Let Your Satisfied Clients Speak for You
    • Your 20Penny Network Info-Page can include written and spoken testimonials from your satisfied clients. They can fill out a thorough comment questionnaire directly from your Info-Page. And we take the “word-of-mouth” concept to the next level by providing a special toll-free number where your clients can add their recommendation to your Info-Page in their own voice. You can also have the 20Penny team actively survey your clients so your Info-Page is always stocked with current and relevant references.
  • Get Even More Tools to Promote
    • 20penny can provide you with simple, economic tools to help document your reputation. Our design staff can get you stocked with printed and electronic promotional materials, including Audio Reference Request Cards (with our special 1-800 recommendation number), Survey Questionnaires, Professional Pledge and Reference Sheets, Custom Resumes and more.

  • Is Your Website All It Should Be?
    • Our design experts can review your site to make sure you’re doing all you can to make sure the major search engines – and potential customers in your area – can find the information they need about your services with ease. If you don’t yet have a website, we can design a great-looking and informational destination for your prospective clients.
  • Target the Areas Where You Want to Work
    • Our extensive network of Online Partners makes it easy for you to advertise your services directly to specific areas.
  • Online + Real World Advertising = Big Results
    • If you’re not supplementing your online advertising with traditional visibility, you’re only getting a partial return on your marketing budget. 20Penny provides affordable printed materials and organized campaigns. From Signage to Door Hangers to Collective Direct Mail Programs – 20Penny is a complete marketing solution provider.



  • We’re Here to Help.
    • When you come aboard the 20Penny Network you’re assigned your own 20Penny Marketing Guide – a real, live, responsive and intelligent person who is ready to advise you on every aspect of your activites on the 20Penny Network. Your 20Penny Marketing Guide is ready and available by e-mail, phone and “in-person” on your own computer to assist you in every step of your personalized marketing program.